Betsoft’s newest slot machine, Mega Gems, is an online game with 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The layout of this video poker-style casino offering comes in 3D, where players can see the gems being pulled out from their settings on each reel before they’re placed around your screen! Alongside these visuals are clear animations that make it feel like you’re there collecting all those precious stones for yourself-especially when one Jackpot win occurs during gameplay.

What are you waiting for? Get spinning with Mega Gems today! The game has a minimum coin size of 0.02, and the maximum value can go as high as 1 coin per line (depending on how many lines there are). You will also be able to choose from 2 different bets; small, which ranges between 0-10 cents, or large, where the total would depend upon what weighting scheme they use – this includes both predicting numbers like 3 & 4, but it’s also possible that one might appear twice even though it’s unlikely because live streaming allows players who have incomplete sets.

Play for Free or for Real Money

You’ll find the Mega Gems slots symbols are made up of brightly coloured gemstones. The gems can be identified by their unique colour, and there’s a wide range in terms of value, which means you’re likely to earn some big rewards when matching these amazing images!

Special Features to Help Boost Your Wins

The game features several special bonuses not found in other slot machines. These include expanding wilds, scatter symbols and free spins when they appear on the screen, which can be triggered by any one or more icons falling onto your betting line during gameplay! There’s also an opportunity for players to get their hands on some serious cash prizes thanks to the doubling UP bonus – but don’t worry if it doesn’t happen because all wins during this round remain anonymous until you request payment from within Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

  • Expanding Wilds

Wild symbol is a hexanal combination of 7 different coloured symbols that may only appear on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel. When it lands in either position during any given spin and expands to fill up all available space within those reels creating many winning combinations which are paid out automatically with no additional effort from the players’ end! Landing another wild entitles you towards another free-spin where again, the same thing happens until there’s nothing left.

Play for Free or for Real Money

  • The Jackpot Features

The jackpot is a tasty 200k coin! Get three symbols that match each other, and you’ll win this big prize. The game also requires them to be stacked on all three rows of their respective reel, which makes it hard for any player at risk if they don’t have perfect luck or skillful concentration (or both).

How to Win the Game

The jackpot in this game is progressive, which means it’ll keep growing with every bet you make. To win the biggest possible amount of money, though, there are some requirements- your wager has to be set at 100 coins per line, and only wild symbols can trigger free spins bonuses, so they’re not easy to come by!

Play for Free or for Real Money

Experience the thrill of winning big without risking your savings with a free demo game at Mega Gems! You can play this high-stakes slots machine for fun and find out if it’s right up your alley before laying down real cash. The best part? No downloads or deposits are necessary – just click “Start My Loan” now to get started immediately in either mode (jackpot OR maximum bet).

The game is available for all desktop devices running Windows and iOS. A mobile version can be accessed online without downloading, though graphics quality will deteriorate on smaller screens like smartphones or tablets due partly to their limited pixel dimensions.


The game of slot machines is about finding that perfect balance between entertainment and risk. If you’re looking for high stakes with low odds, look no further than Mega Gems! This 3D slot machine has an RTP of 95%, which makes it easy to understand yet still offers plenty of excitement, whether players are betting their minimum buy-in amount (0 coins) or the maximum allowed bet size–100$. You’ll never feel bored when playing this captivating mobile app thanks because each jackpot update includes exciting features such as making wins more difficult by requiring gamers place bigger bets.